About Melinda

Melinda graduated from University of Babes – Bolyai in Romania in 2004, with a bachelor’s of science in Kinetotherapy.


She went to study massage therapy at Cortiva Institute- PSMT in Pa 2008. She first learned about MFR in the Massage School, where she was searching an effective therapeutic approach.


With over then 10 years of experience, Melinda is an expert Myofascial Release therapist, she has completed many hours of course work taught directly by John F. Barnes, including the Skill Enhancement Seminar at his treatment facility in Paoli, Pa. She is passionate about the healing arts committed to supporting each client in their journey, toward wellness in body, mind, spirit and a pain free life.


Melinda is enjoying seeing people’s transformation from pain and limitations in movement as well as feelings of hopelessness, to freedom of movement and emotional wellness.


Her mission is to help you free your body from pain, and to experience a deeper level of awareness.

She is a highly skilled therapist using her knowledge, intuition and hands to evaluate clients, then develop a treatment plan designed uniquely for you.